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Who We Are

We are RUSHMAID, an award winning company with a reputation for innovation at the highest level of service. We consistently deliver the best cleaning services in South Florida. We will create a cleaning plan that fits your lifestyle. We motivate and train our team members to become team leaders.

What We Do

Recurring Cleaning

Schedule a recurring Rushmaid, to always have the spotless new home feel once weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


One-Time Cleaning

Are you hosting an event and need someone to come only once? Schedule a Rushmaid and worry about your awesome event.


Same-Day Cleaning

You have a hot date and need your place cleaned with a quickness, we have you covered.


Move-Out Cleaning

Don't worry about getting your deposit back, just book a Rushmaid and we'll take care of the cleanup.


True-Deep Cleaning

Do you have allergies, small children or just like to maintain a near sterilized home? Book a Deep-Clean, this is our specialty.


After-Party Cleanup

Aftermath from last night's party? Rushmaid to the rescue, don't worry about the mess and worry about feeling better.


Rushmaid has only highly trained team members that utilize our 46-point checklist which is dedicated to making your home a healthier environment, that will reduce your stress and enhance productivity. If you are not totally satisfied with our work we will promptly address and correct any issues.

The Rushmaid Team

Clean, Fast, Affordable

Don't have time to clean as well as you would like? Find out why Rushmaid is the hottest trending new service in the greater Miami area.


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As a young emerging business, we strive to do the right thing and open up a clear line of communication direct to us. Feel free to reach out with any comments, questions, suggestions or just to say "Hello".

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